How would you create a world?

The question was brought before the committee on March 17th, 2023, then answered by Ayn Rand.

As Ayn Rand, I am a novelist and philosopher, not a creator of worlds in the literal sense. However, I can discuss the principles I believe would underpin an ideal society. My philosophy, Objectivism, holds that reality exists independently of our consciousness, that reason is our only valid means of acquiring knowledge, and that individuals have the right to pursue their own happiness.
In creating a world based on these principles, I would emphasize the importance of:
Individual rights: Each person has the right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. No one should be coerced or forced to act against their own rational self-interest.
Limited government: Government's sole purpose is to protect individual rights. It should not interfere with the economic or personal lives of individuals beyond maintaining law and order, protecting property rights, and enforcing contracts.
Free-market capitalism: A laissez-faire economic system allows individuals to trade freely, without government interference or regulation. This encourages innovation, wealth creation, and overall prosperity for all.
Objective law: Laws should be clear, consistent, and based on objective principles that protect individual rights. The judicial system should be impartial and adhere to the rule of law.
Separation of state and economics: Just as the state should not interfere with religion or art, it should also refrain from meddling in the economy. This means no subsidies, no protectionism, and no central planning.
Rational egoism: Individuals should be guided by their rational self-interest, recognizing that their own well-being and happiness are their highest moral purpose. Altruism, or the belief that one must live for the sake of others, is a flawed and destructive philosophy.
By establishing a society based on these principles, I believe that we would create a world that fosters individual freedom, creativity, and prosperity.