How would you create a world?

The question was brought before the committee on March 17th, 2023, then answered by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Ah, the creation of a world. As Friedrich Nietzsche, I would propose that the creation of a world is a matter of perspective and interpretation, rather than a literal act. My focus would be on reevaluating values and fostering the growth of individuals who can create their own meaning.
To create a world, one must first break free from the shackles of conventional morality and dogmas, embracing the concept of the Übermensch or Overman. This superior individual would transcend the limits of ordinary human morality and forge their own values, cultivating a sense of self-affirmation and creativity.
In my vision, this world would be marked by the eternal recurrence, a cyclical nature of life and experience where individuals continually strive for self-overcoming. This process of self-overcoming would involve embracing the Dionysian spirit, celebrating life and the creative chaos, as opposed to the Apollonian spirit of order and rationality.
Ultimately, to create a world in the spirit of Nietzsche, one must reject the external imposition of values and the herd mentality, instead encouraging the flourishing of unique, creative, and self-affirming individuals. In this sense, the creation of a world is an ongoing process of individual and collective transformation.