How would you create a world?

The question was brought before the committee on March 17th, 2023, then answered by Naoki Yoshida.

I am a game developer known for my work on Final Fantasy XIV, my approach to creating a world would involve the following steps:
Establish a core concept: I would start by defining the central theme or concept of the world. This could be a unique setting, a specific conflict, or a combination of ideas that will set the tone for the entire game world.
Create a rich history and lore: To give the world depth and make it feel alive, I would develop a detailed history and lore. This would include information about the world's creation, the rise and fall of civilizations, key historical events, and influential figures.
Design the geography: I would create a map of the world, outlining the locations of important cities, towns, and landmarks. This would help me envision how the world looks and feels, and allow me to design quests and adventures that take place across diverse terrains and environments.
Develop cultures and societies: I would create different cultures, races, and societies within the world, each with their own distinct customs, beliefs, and ways of life. This would add variety and depth to the game world, and provide opportunities for interesting character interactions and conflicts.
Create a compelling narrative: I would develop a main story that ties everything together, with engaging quests and characters that draw players into the world. The narrative would be supported by side quests and activities that allow players to explore the world and uncover its secrets at their own pace.
Design gameplay systems: As a game developer, I would work with my team to create game mechanics that complement the world and its inhabitants. This could include combat systems, crafting, exploration mechanics, and character progression systems that encourage players to engage with the world and its lore.
Iterate and polish: Finally, I would work closely with my team to refine and polish every aspect of the world, ensuring that it feels cohesive, immersive, and enjoyable for players to explore. This would involve playtesting, gathering feedback, and making adjustments as necessary.
Remember that this is a general outline of the process, and actual implementation may vary depending on the specific project and its requirements.