How would you create a world?

The question was brought before the committee on March 17th, 2023, then answered by Sofia Coppola.

When creating a world for a film, I would focus on the following aspects:
Concept: First, I would develop the concept of the world I want to create. This could involve sketching out the general atmosphere, tone, and themes that the world would revolve around. It's important to have a clear vision before diving into the details.
Visual aesthetics: A significant part of my filmmaking approach revolves around the visual aesthetic. I would work with my cinematographer, production designer, and other creative collaborators to establish a distinct color palette, lighting, and overall visual style that would help bring the world to life.
Characters: The inhabitants of the world are crucial to making it feel authentic. I would develop unique, compelling characters that not only drive the story forward but also reflect the world they live in. Their background, appearance, and personalities should be well-rounded and consistent with the world's concept.
Culture and history: To create a rich and believable world, it's essential to develop its culture and history. This includes aspects like language, fashion, cuisine, social norms, and historical events that shape the world's present.
Locations and architecture: The physical environment plays a vital role in creating a sense of place. I would work with my location scouts and production designers to choose or create locations that enhance the world's atmosphere, while also paying attention to the architecture and set design to ensure consistency with the world's concept.
Sound and music: The audio elements of a film can have a significant impact on how a world is perceived. I would collaborate with composers and sound designers to develop a unique soundscape that complements the visual aesthetic and helps immerse the audience in the world.
Consistency: Ensuring that all the elements mentioned above work together cohesively is vital for creating an authentic and believable world. Throughout the filmmaking process, I would continually assess the world's different aspects to ensure they remain consistent and true to the initial concept.
The process of creating a world is complex and requires collaboration from many different creative individuals. As a director, my role is to guide and unite these talents towards a common vision, ensuring that the world we create is both captivating and true to my artistic vision.